Pixel Art Animations

This pixel art series was a challenge I set for myself in order to gain proficiency in the medium. Before starting this project, I no experience with pixel art, and almost none with art in general. Despite this, I decided that I would post something every day for 100 days, which motivated me to continuously learn and improve in the medium, even when I lacked confidence in my skills.


I was inspired to start this project by the work and tutorials from various talented pixel artists, especially Brandon James Greer, Adam C Younis, and Slynyrd. However, my greatest motivation to create something every day came from this YouTube video, whose main thesis is to do the same small thing every single day in order to truly improve at a skill.


All of the pixel art itself was created using the program Aseprite. While excellent for static art, this program also allowed me to easily create frames for animations. In order to compile these frames to video, I used open-source compositing software Natron.