Monologue Type Animation

This motion graphics project is a typographical companion piece to a short monologue from a piece of media. This project was created for a motion typography class.


This audio is sourced from season 3, episode 11 of BoJack Horseman, an animated television show. I chose this monologue because I think it serves as a great demonstration of the show’s themes and messages. For one, it shows the final result of one of the main character’s worst mistakes of the series. However, it also explores deep philosophical questions, like the meaning of life in an uncaring universe. In the end, he concludes that what truly matters is connecting with other people and concentrating on the present moment.


This monologue cycles between bleakness and optimism. I chose keep things monochromatic for most of the animation in order to highlight the bleaker parts. In contrast, optimism is represented with yellow, the traditional colour of happiness. I also associated Sarah Lynn’s name with the colour yellow because it is the relationship the main character has with her that is fundamental to the feeling of togetherness he is experiencing.


I chose Spartan as my main font because it is a neutral, geometric sans serif which does not draw too much attention to itself compared to other fonts. To highlight some key words I used a rougher, bolder font called American Lemon. For other notable words I used Morganite, a narrow sans serif, in order to display these words at the largest size possible in frame. For the word “together”, which represents the key theme of the clip, I modified a font called canyons, which is a cursive geometric font. This is the only point at which this font appears, which highlights the word’s importance.